Motor Vehicle Accidents

Under current automobile insurance legislation, an insured person may be entitled to psychological services after sustaining injury in a motor vehicle accident. The injured person’s spouse or children may also be eligible for psychological assessment and treatment if they suffer physical, emotional, or mental harm as a result of their family member’s injuries. The insured, or their family member, must complete an Application for Accident Benefits package to be forwarded directly to their automobile insurer before they can access rehabilitative services. This package may be obtained through your insurance adjuster or legal representative.

Each session of psychological treatment is billed to the insurer for 1.25 to 1.5 hours, to allow for the completion of session notes and other paperwork, consultation with other professionals, documentation review, and other indirect services.  Psychological services are billed to the insurer at the FSCO established rates.

The current legislation dictates that extended health insurance coverage (e.g., Great West Life, Maritime Life) must be accessed prior to billing automobile insurers directly. We appreciate your providing extended health insurance information and signed claim forms at your first assessment appointment.

Extended Health Coverage

While psychological services are not currently covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), many employment-related group health insurance plans offer coverage for psychological assessment or treatment. These plans may apply to the employee alone, the employee’s spouse, and dependent children. Please consult your benefits package to determine your eligibility for reimbursement for psychological services.

Individual Sessions - Self Pay

Psychological services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Payment of $180.00 is required at time of service, and may be made by cash or personal cheque.  

Medical Legal Services

Dr. Keith’s medical legal rate is $250 per hour. Preparation of assessment and consultation reports is billed at the standard rate of five minutes per forty-two typed words of final copy.

No-show and late cancellation policy

Missed appointments (“no-shows”) may be billed directly to you at a rate of $100.00. We appreciate 24-hours notice when canceling appointments, when possible.  Cancellation fees may be waived under exceptional circumstances.