An important component of psychotherapy is the trust that information discussed in therapy sessions will not be released to others. As registered psychologists, we are bound to maintain strict confidentiality on all information and records regarding each client. We cannot voluntarily release information without your written permission (verbal consent may be obtained by telephone in urgent circumstances).  As such, we may ask you to complete a Release of Information form to provide permission for us to contact others involved in your care, if appropriate. These individuals may include insurers, family physician, legal representative, occupational therapist, rehabilitation therapist, case manager, or spouse.

However, there are three legal limits and two ethical limits to this confidentiality. All registered health professionals must report any child in need of protection/child abuse, allegations of sexual misconduct by other health professionals, and legal subpoenas/court orders/search warrants. In addition, potentially serious threats of self-harm or harm to others may also warrant a breach of confidentiality in order to protect the client or someone else.

Confidentiality will be addressed in detail during your first appointment. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have at that time.